Month: December 2010

Excel Text Functions

by Rich Wagoner, CITP.CPA | Principal, Director of Technology How many times have you received a spreadsheet and one of the columns needs split up into separate cells or maybe you need to combine a few cells into one cell. Excel has a number of text functions that can help with these tasks and reduce […]

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Operating Leases May End Up On Your Balance Sheet

by Alicia Rader, CPA and Tim Ayler, CPA | Team Members of the Construction Services Group Many contractors’ balance sheets will be changing in the next few years due to proposed changes that are anticipated to be made to the way leases are treated for accounting purposes. Currently, many companies lease their building, or large […]

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Make Note: 2011 Changes in FUTA and SUTA

by Melissa Merrick and Larry Brodnik, CPA | Team Members of the Tax Services Group There are two major changes that will be occurring in 2011 regarding FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) and SUTA (State Unemployment Tax Act): (1) FUTA rate for Indiana companies will increase from .8% to 1.1%, and (2) SUTA wage base […]

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