Indiana Unemployment Website and UC-1 filing process update

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development changed the Uplink website and process for filing quarterly Indiana unemployment tax returns effective 1st quarter 2019. The major change was that you can no longer paper file your Indiana unemployment tax returns, all returns must be filed online through Uplink: If you previously filed by paper you will need to setup an Uplink account to file your unemployment returns online.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has received a lot of feedback and has corrected the following Uplink issues:

  • Incorrect warnings about past due liability
  • Account suspension emails sent in error
  • Malfunctioning of stay logged in button
  • Losing manually entered data

In addition, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development made several improvements to the Uplink website at the end of June. One of the major improvements is providing wage report confirmations and the ability to download the reports in PDF format after submission. To download the PDF you will need to go to Summary Information and then Wage Report History, to the right of the submitted report you will see an option to download CSV, download PDF or view details of the report that can also be printed in the next window. Other changes include improved edit mode for manual entry, faster loading screens, better error reports, and improved file upload via csv.

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