Indiana Department of Revenue Releases New Online Filing & Payment Portal

On September 3, 2019, for certain entities and filing types currently registered to file/pay tax online, the Indiana Department of Revenue (IDR) will release their new online e-services portal called INTIME. The new portal will only be available for the following: C Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Utility Receipts, Financial Institutions, Nonprofits, and Aircraft customers. Other entities and tax types will be added in the future.

Below is an article issued by IDR on the registration process, access to a downloadable start guide, and information on the new power of attorney process.

Additional highlights:

  • All of the current online applications will be unavailable on Saturday, August 31 from 7 am to 7 pm EST. This includes INtax, INtax Pay, INBiz, and DORpay.
  • INTIME will go live on Tuesday, September 3rd, at 10 am EST. See this link for tax filings and payments affected by the new portal
  • You will not be able to register for your new INTIME account until it goes live.
  • In the video of the article, IDR indicates that to register you will need either a letter from IDR or one of the last 5 payment amounts paid to IDR. If you do not have either, the website will allow you to click on a link to request a letter from IDR.
  • Because some payments will be due in September, if this change is applicable to you, we encourage you to start the registration process shortly after the website is live.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 317-241-2999.

Full article with video found at: Indiana Department of Revenue


Important INTIME Information

Over the last two weeks, the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) has introduced Hoosiers to Project NextDOR and INTIME—the agency’s four year modernization project and online portal. In Part 3 of 4, DOR demonstrates how specific users will register with INTIME after September 3, along with introducing the new electronic Power of Attorney process and outlining how customers can get their INTIME-specific questions answered. Check in with at any time for more information!

Register with INTIME

One of the common questions we have received is how to register for INTIME. Click on the photo to the right to watch a short video that demonstrates how specific users can register once the first rollout launches on September 3.  As a reminder, INTIME will only be available for Corporate Income, Partnership and S Corporation, Utilities Receipt, Financial Institutions, Non-Profit and Aircraft customers. If you are unable to view the video, visit

The Practitioner Quick Start Guide

The Practitioner Quick Start Guide is another great resource that helps customers walk through the process of registering for the INTIME e-services portal while also providing helpful tips to ensure an easy transition into the new system.

New and Improved Power of Attorney Process

DOR has collaborated over the last year with tax practitioners around the state to address the complexities of submitting a Power of Attorney. INTIME will provide the option to submit an electronic Power of Attorney (or ePOA) to streamline the establishment of a POA relationship.
POA Options

Dedicated Customer Service Representatives

As with any new program, we want to assure our customers they will be taken care of during this time of transition. DOR will have dedicated Customer Service Representatives available to help all customers and tax practitioners with their INTIME questions starting September 3.

On or after September 3, customers are encouraged to call 317-232-2240 and select option “1” for all questions regarding INTIME.

For more information regarding INTIME, visit If you have not subscribed to DOR’s e-newsletter Tax Bulletin, subscribe now to receive the latest DOR news and announcements.

Next week, we will be sending Part 4 of 4 to give customers an idea of what to expect after September 3. Stay tuned!