W-2 and 1099 Information Return Corrections

Now that the IRS requires all W-2 and 1099-MISC forms to be filed by January 31st, the IRS has recognized there may now be an increase in errors on these forms. In prior years, the IRS gave employers until the end of February to file those forms. If an employer needed to make a correction, […]

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Dangerous Email Phishing Scam Turns to Not-For-Profit Organizations, Among Others

The IRS had already recently warned of a phishing scam targeting for-profit employers where scammers obtain company W-2 information to file fraudulent tax returns. Fox59 reported on January 31, that local Scotty’s Brewhouse had fallen victim to the scam. On Friday, the IRS Exempt Organization Division issued the following warning: “The Internal Revenue Service, state […]

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Succession Planning – The ‘Hot’ Topic!

“It is never too early to start….” is what I continue telling my business clients in regards to succession planning. “And, really it isn’t!” In recent weeks, I have had many conversations and formal meetings with some clients to start or continue discussions around succession planning. ‘Succession’ is a hot buzz-word right now because baby […]

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