Recent Tax Law Changes and Mid-Year Healthcare Update

At the end of the last Congressional session, there were a couple of new bills signed into law by President Obama. In these bills, there were a few tax items passed that may affect you First, if you’ve ever been in college or had kids in college, you might have been able to take an […]

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To Install or Not To – Windows 10 Information

The new Windows 10 has just been released by Microsoft! Microsoft says that this will probably be the last release of Windows and it’s marketed to combine the strengths of Windows 8 with Windows 7 with faster startup and resume time and more built-in security. I’m sure you’ve seen it touted that it will be […]

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IRS Warns of Scams – Beware!

Last week the IRS issued a newswire informing taxpayers to be wary of tax scams. In the past we’ve warned clients about emails or letters that appear to be on IRS letterhead. Now, scammers are more creative and they are calling taxpayers and asking for payments or personal information over the phone. These phone calls […]

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