Strategic alliances: Leverage strengths, minimize weaknesses

The merger and acquisition market has been hot for manufacturers in the first half of 2016, and the momentum is expected to continue through year end. Some business owners are uncertain about buying and selling, however. A strategic alliance may be a worthwhile alternative for gun-shy owners. Over the short term, it offers the best […]

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Not-for-Profit Financial Statements Are Changing – Are You Ready?

Forget everything you thought you knew about not-for-profit (NFP) financial statements. Ok, well not everything. FASB just issued ASU 2016-14 in an effort to improve the current net asset classification requirements and the information presented in financial statements and notes about a NFP’s liquidity and financial performance. So what are the big changes? First, the […]

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Do you want to share your salary schedule and customer list with your competitors?

Disposal of IT assets warrants the same attention as acquisition Manufacturers and distributors spend significant resources choosing the right information technology (IT) equipment to invest in — and securing devices throughout their useful lives with firewalls, passwords, encryption, antivirus software and dedicated staff. But security sometimes falls by the wayside when assets are retired. Ongoing […]

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