2017 Manufacturing & Logistics Summary

The 2017 Manufacturing and Logistics reports, produced by the Center for Business and Economic Indiana Research at Ball State University (CBER) and Conexus Indiana, were released earlier this year.  This included a national report, an Indiana report and a companion study, Industry Volatility and Growth. The reports look at specific measurements such as manufacturing industry […]

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Congratulations to Larry Brodnik!

Larry Brodnik was recognized by the Rotary Club of Indianapolis on June 27, 2017, at their annual year-end Celebration Dinner and received “The Unsung Hero Award”. This award is presented to a Rotarian who quietly volunteers, often behind the scenes, to support the Rotary and its operations. Larry’s work and dedication with the Rotary includes […]

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Protecting your Company from Cyber-attacks

In light of recent cyber-attacks, now more than ever is the time to evaluate whether you are taking the necessary steps to prevent attacks on your company and are prepared in the event that you do fall victim of an attack. Unknown to many, manufacturers are actually a high risk for these attacks.  According to […]

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