Updates to Indiana sales tax on SAAS

With Senate Bill 254, software as a service (SAAS) transactions will no longer be subject to Indiana sales tax. The bill exempts cloud-based software accessed remotely through a rental agreement, purchase, license, or lease from sales tax as it is no longer considered a “retail transaction.” This means that if you purchase cloud-based computer software, […]

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Is your inventory getting the better of you?

On one level, every company’s inventory is a carefully curated collection of inanimate objects ready for sale. But, on another, it can be a confounding, slippery and unpredictable creature that can shrink too small or grow too big — despite your best efforts to keep it contained. If your inventory has been getting the better […]

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Two tax law changes that may affect your business’s 401(k) plan

When you think about recent tax law changes and your business, you’re probably thinking about the new 20% pass-through deduction for qualified business income or the enhancements to depreciation-related breaks. Or you may be contemplating the reduction or elimination of certain business expense deductions. But there are also a couple of recent tax law changes […]

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