Are your volunteers putting your nonprofit at risk?

Not-for-profits that direct and benefit from the actions of their volunteers can be held accountable if those individuals are harmed or harm others on the job. Lawsuits involving volunteers often arise from allegations of negligence or intentional misconduct, even when volunteers act outside the scope of their prescribed duties. Your organization needs to take steps […]

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IRS issues guidance on taxation of employee parking

Much discussion of the new tax law for 2018 has focused on how it will benefit businesses. But alongside the reduction of corporate tax rates and the 20% deduction for pass-through entities, there are other changes that would limit deductions that businesses have historically been able to claim. One such deduction is employee parking expense. […]

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5 delegation best practices for nonprofit leaders

Done well, delegation allows not-for-profit executives to focus on their most important tasks, helps to build bench strength and gets staffers out of the office before midnight. But done poorly, it can create more burdens than it eases. Here are five practices all nonprofit leaders should adopt. Choose tasks wisely Always try to devote your […]

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