Technology Services

Technology Services

Often the most intimidating step a business can take is embracing new technology. This point of view is wrong.

The right technology can be a beautiful addition to your organization. It opens lines of communication, increases efficiency, and streamlines your operations.

We believe that every business deserves to function as smoothly as possible, and we have the knowledge and ability to update your systems.

Innovations should never intimidate. They only inspire and improve.  Let Greenwalt show you the way.

Service Offering:

  • Technology assessments and reviews
  • Network consulting
  • Infrastructure design and consulting
  • Website design and upkeep
  • Help desk services
  • Phone system implementations
  • Office 365 migrations
  • Account software
  • Office relocation assistance

Technology Experience:

  • Multi-location clients
  • Several Office 365 implementations
  • Multiple office relocations
  • IT policy review and write ups
  • Several hosted phone system implementations
  • New office location planning