Hello and welcome to the Greenwalt CPAs College Recruiting Page! We are glad you are here. This is the place to go for everything Greenwalt as you embark on the 2022 fall recruiting journey.

Find your school below for a detailed breakdown of how to get in front of us over the coming weeks. As the recruiting season goes on, we will be updating this page so that everyone has a good sense for where things stand in the process.

Take a look at our office tour video and some testimonials from some of our past interns and recent full-time staff hires. We think Greenwalt has a lot to offer but don’t take our word for it. Make sure to come see some of our staff at the various recruiting events throughout the month of September!


Words of wisdom from recent recruits ~

“I was introduced to Greenwalt CPA’s my junior year of college at Accounting Interview Day, and my conversation with the interviewer drew me in immediately. He told me about Greenwalt’s culture, work-life balance, trivia nights with the team, and so much more that caught my attention. Even though my schedule didn’t allow for an internship at Greenwalt, we stayed connected through my senior year until I was officially recruited to join as full-time audit staff after graduation. Now, I’ve been here a little over a month and Greenwalt is everything I’d expected it to be. During the onboarding process, everyone was very welcoming and willing to answer any questions I had. I really appreciate the mentor program, because I know I will always have someone who can answer my questions or listen to any concerns I might have. Greenwalt has made me feel welcome and like a part of their family.” ~ Cassie Wuethrich, Audit Staff

“Going through the recruiting process during college, I was not sure what I was looking for in the different accounting firms I would meet with. I remember interviewing with various firms and hearing how they are different from other firms. When in reality, I would usually hear the same things from firms I had previously visited before. One thing I quickly learned though is that it can be a very repetitive, and at times, insincere process. A few things I did know was that I wanted to work somewhere I could gain experience and where the people would have the patience to teach someone like me, who had no prior experience in public accounting. As I was coming up on the end of the recruiting process, I had one more interview with a firm I admittedly did not know much about, Greenwalt CPAs. Over the course of my interview, I had the chance to sit down and talk with four of the partners; I do not think I even talked to one partner from the various other firms I had interviewed with previously. I left my interview with Greenwalt feeling like this was a firm with people who are genuine and had that ability to help me develop professionally. After two internships and one year as a full-time staff with Greenwalt, I can honestly say they have provided me the opportunities to learn and grow that I was looking for throughout my recruiting process.” ~ Sam Peterson, Audit Staff

“I had a hybrid audit/tax internship at Greenwalt in spring of 2019 and have started as a full-time audit staff in September 2020. When I was looking for a place to intern in college, I wanted to work with a firm that is small enough that I could get to know everyone at the firm yet large enough that I could accumulate a wide base of accounting knowledge. Greenwalt has very much fulfilled that role for me. During orientation, I got to meet and familiarize myself with a large portion of the staff that I would be working with in the coming future. Starting at a new company is a confusing process, whether it is as an intern or a staff, and Greenwalt did a great job at creating an environment where questions are encouraged. Additionally, Greenwalt hosts firm events throughout the year where you can get to know your co-workers outside of work. After orientation, I began to work on audits for a range of client types until the tax deadlines began to approach. At that point, the interns switched focus to personal and business returns. At the beginning of my internship, I was undecided between tax and audit. The variety of work during my internship helped me decide which one I preferred. Overall, I would greatly recommend an internship/employment with Greenwalt.” ~ Jason Evans, Audit Staff

“My first interaction with Greenwalt was at accounting interview day. Greenwalt was my second interview of the day and set a high bar for the rest. By the end of the day, I could still remember what we talked about, mostly because the tax senior I interviewed with cared about who I was as a person and had a conversation with me rather than just going through a list of questions. After my interview I was invited to a Trivia night to get to know some staff from Greenwalt, then also invited for a second interview in the office where I met some of the partners as well. With each new person I met the idea that this is where I wanted to work was reinforced even more. My internship was full of great learning experiences and plenty of people who were always willing to help or just chat. I came back after graduation as a full-time tax staff to a very different situation due to most of the firm moving to remote work. Despite being remote the communication and support that I experienced in my internship was still there.” ~ Olivia Wolfe, Tax Staff



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