Next Level Jobs: Funding for Indiana’s Future

Over the next ten years, there is projected to be over 1,000,000 job vacancies that need to be filled in Indiana. Currently, it is estimated that there are over 85,000 jobs unfilled in Indiana due to a shortage of skilled workers. Does your organization have positions unfilled with very little to no prospects in sight? Maybe you have heard of an organization that is currently struggling to fill positions.

The Next Level Job program, as a part of Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Indiana Agenda, strives to help fill this gap by providing funding to employers and job seeking Hoosier’s looking to upskill and reskill to fill high-demand jobs. With over 100 occupations currently eligible for training reimbursement, many Indiana based companies are sure to have at least one of the eligible occupations. A few eligible occupations include: bookkeepers, machinists, electrical technicians, and sales managers. If your organization has a position that requires specialized training that is not listed as an eligible occupation, for example, upskilling a current employee to learn how to operate a new machine, the program is flexible and will consider the training for reimbursement.

Employers may qualify for reimbursement of up to $5,000 per employee trained and retained for six months, up to $50,000 per employer. The occupations are focused on the following six industry sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Building & Construction
  • Health & Life Science
  • IT & Business Services
  • Transportation & Logistics

For training to be eligible for reimbursement, there are four qualifications that must be met:

  • Be occupational skills training that ties to an in-demand occupation (onboarding training and informal job shadowing does not qualify).
  • Be at least 40 hours in length (minimum) resulting in a certificate or credential upon completion.
  • Ensure a wage gain at the completion of training for current employees trained to new skill sets; there is no current wage requirement for new hires trained. Currently, the average wage gain is approximately 2%.
  • Trainees must be retained for 6 months after beginning the training.

Additionally, employers may want to explore whether the occupation or work to be performed can qualify for the research and development credit.

If you are an employee looking for additional training or an employer looking to upskill, or reskill your workforce, it’s a simple 3 step process to get started. For more information, visit the website at: or contact us at 317-241-2999.