Employee Benefit Services

Employee Benefit Services

Our Employee Benefits Group has one mission: to customize and assist in maintaining your benefit programs to meet your future personal and business goals.

We know that every company has unique objectives based on size, industry demographics, location, and recruiting competition, so our experts use all of their knowledge and experience to improve your existing plan or design a new one.

Your employee benefits plan should never be a burden, and we prioritize removing all hassle from the regulatory maze.

Our expert assistance and client-focused service makes managing a healthy employee benefit plan stress free.

Greenwalt eliminates the obstacles in the way of your financial success. If your benefits program is causing you a headache, let us know. We can solve your problem and help you meet your goals.

Service Offerings:

  • Retirement Plans Services
    • Plan administration
    • Nondiscrimination and compliance testing
    • Plan design and consulting services
  • Flexible Benefit Section (125) Plans
    • Plan setup and installation
    • Monthly administration
    • Employee seminars